Heevie Projects 2016 - 2017

1. Project Mobile Medical Clinic / Funded by WHO

Heevie mobile medical clinic was started in the year 2008 as a part of Heevie plan to provide the health care services in the far villages which lacked the simplest health services as a result of the continuous wars in the region. But since the year 2014, and after the crises resulted from the war against the terrorist group of ISIS, and after the displacement of thousands of families to Kurdistan region, Heevie directed its mobile medical clinic services to support the IDPs and people in the liberated areas and in Duhok camps.

After liberation of most of the regions in the north of Ninawa governorate, including Zummar and Rabiaa, most of the people displaced from those regions returned back to their cities and villages, and many of families near the frontal war lines moved to the more secure newly liberated areas.

2. Project Community Health Houses / Funded by WHO and DOH Duhok

This includes establishing and rehabilitating Community Health Houses in 14 villages and providing them with expert health staff and sufficient amount of medications to allow easier access to health services for its population. Heevie organization provides Primary health care services supported within its static Community Health Houses project in the liberated areas of Ninawa in Zummar and Rabiaa in Talaafar District.

3. Project Primary health care services within Heevie static clinic in Mam Rash IDP camp / Funded by GIZ

The occupation of Sinjar district by ISIS made thousands of Yazidi families of the region to be displaced towards the safe regions in Iraqi Kurdistan; around 6000 population live in Mam Rash camp in Shekhan district. Since November 2015 Heevie org provide comprehensive primary health care services and equitable access to primary health services to the people in camp through the clinic which was first as cabinets provided by Heevie then moved to the new PHCC constructed by GIZ .

4. Project Supporting Hedhayma Primary Health Care Center in Telafar District in Ninewa Governorate and Preparedness Activities for Running Amalla PHCC / Funded by OCHA

Heevie is providing primary health care services through supporting Hedhayma PHCC and the preparedness activities for running Amalla IDPs camp PHCC.

  1. Training of the staff (medical and non-medical). Focus will be on development of the clinical skills, provision primary health care service, vaccination services, triage of the patients, reproductive services, CDC surveillance, dressing, growth monitoring..etc.
  2. Preposition of the medication and medical equipment. This will involve prepositioning of Amalla camp PHCC with medications and medical equipments and supplies for 3 months.

5. Project Primary health Care Services within Heevie static clinic in Shariya IDP camp / Funded by giz

At August 2016, and after Sinjar district occupation by ISIS, thousands of Yazidi families were displaced towards the safe regions in Iraqi Kurdistan especially in Duhok city; those families and people face the most terrible events in their way to the safe zone. The local government and the international humanitarian agencies worked the best to settle the IDPs in suitable places and to provide them with the basic life support service.

Many of the camp were established for the new IDPs, and one of the first camps established was Shariya camp in Duhok governorate, with the capacity of more 18000 people.

Heevie is providing comprehensive primary health care services through the well-equipped static health clinic constructed by GIZ in Shariya camp PHC.

6. Project Registering and examining the Congenital Heart Diseases Children in Kurdistan Region / Funded by Heevie

Due to the large number of the children facing Heart Diseases Heevie in cooperation with SIA NGO took the initiative to build up a data base for Congenital Heart Diseases patients in Kurdistan, the process of collecting all the necessary data has taken lot of time, following up with patients and contacting their doctors and parents to update information on their current conditions to help out the patient and to set up plans for treatment.

The statistics collected by Heevie from all Northern Governorates reached (8768) children suffering from CHD

7. Project: Supporting Duhok Specialized Center of Rheumatic Diseases and Medical Rehabilitation / Funded by Heevie

  • Rehabilitation and Renovation of the building:
  • Extending the working hours, especially for physiotherapy activities, due to the long waiting lists and short time spent by each patient during the single physiotherapy session.
  • Training of the staff  in agreement with SIA organization from Italy
  • Rehabilitation and repair of the existing equipment and machines.

8. Project: Provision of comprehensive primary health care services for IDPs within Heevie static clinic in Amalla IDPs camp in Talafar district / Funded by WHO

Constraction of Amalla camp PHCC and Provision of primary health care services

9. Project: Improving access to comprehensive primary health care services through supporting Aski Mosul, Tal Musa and Hedhayma helth facilities in Ninewa Governorate / Funded by OCHA

Heevie, through this project, is aiming to provide essential lifesaving and primary health care services through the 3 mentioned health facilities in Aski Mosul, Tal Musa and Hedhayma of NianwaGovernerate.

The planned response that Heevie will perform is in regard to staffing, medications and medical equipment to respond to the new challenges due to the increasing needs of IDPs and host community in the region.

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