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Heevie Kurdistan Development Organization

Heevie is an independent non-political, nonprofit organization specialized in providing various health care services especially for children, registered as a non-governmental organization in Kurdistan in 2005. Heevie works in a wide area of Iraq but mainly in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Due to the deliberate neglect By the Iraqi Central governments throughout the past decades, Kurdistan Region had suffered greatly over all facets of life (Health, Education, Basic services and Economics), rare sicknesses and severe cases of dangerous diseases have become wide spread among its people. Wars and usage of prohibited chemical weapons had prompted serious types of diseases.Unfortunately the incapable status of the health institutes at the time; it was almost impossible to deal with such sicknesses.Kurdistan Region still suffers from a lack of adequate infrastructure as a result of years of dictatorship and wars. In addition to the difficulties of the health sector, lacks of health education have augmented the health problems of the children.

Heevie has conducted medical studies and statistics about these spreading diseases in the region (Duhok, Erbil, Sulaymania and Kirkuk).It has become eligible to offer good services for the patients and develop the health sector in many sections, especially in the field of training doctors and made sure to build and maintain tight relations and cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher Education to provide effective and more comprehensive approach to the health and education system in Kurdistan.

Heevie had taken the initiative to find a solution for the deteriorating health situation that sick children were going through by creating and developing medical projects to help treat children suffering from various diseases and to improve the pediatric treatment process health establishments also through building a wide network of partners, volunteers, supporters to provide health services for the sick children by approaching and building tight relations with various Italian NGOs that are interested and specialized in such medical conditions.

The selfless attitude and the unlimited dedication and devotion of Heevie staff have and is still bringing great successes to these projects, starting with basic administration processes to find, register and archive essential data of patients, help in issuing various documentations from credible health establishments, logistical support, setup dependable communications with patients and follow-up, guide and escort various Italian medical teams from the moment they land in Kurdistan until they leave, provide all necessary requirements for those teams to conduct medical operations, trainings and other meetings and seminars, coordinate and manage all details of each project with tremendous care and attention.

The Italian and American Embassy contributions are very essential and critical to achieve the targeted goals and their constant willingness to conduct missions and visits as volunteer is improving and enhancing local health system.U.S. Embassy fund helped our projects and theItalian Embassy in Baghdad contributes effectively up on the success of our missions. The Italian Embassy is always facilitating the travel of patient children and their families and local doctors through providing visas in a smooth way which is making us more confident and gain the satisfaction of all contributing parties.

Individuals like Dr. Ilja Gardi and Dr.Iole Pinto helped health authorities as well as University to re-consider future plans and eventually made formal requests to Dr. Gardi to help planning for new health facilities.

The expertise brought by Italian physicians, new health care methods, planning better according to scientific, economic and social basis, contributed greatly in improving local health operations. Training local health care personnel on the job in Kurdistan and during the missions is the revolutionary mark of Italian contribution as it had overcome lot of problems and brought back confidence to the local health care system. Blood banks, laboratories, pediatric section, emergency..etc are the beneficiaries of Italian expertise which eventually benefit the local community. Italian Embassy in Baghdad and the cconsulatein Erbil contributes effectively up on the success of our missions. The Italian Embassy is always facilitating the travel of patient children and their families and local doctors through providing visas in a smooth way which is making us more confident and gain the satisfaction of all contributing parties.

The statistics of Heevie activities since 2006 to 2016 as follows : 

Patients Statistics: 2006-2016

The total patients have been examined or treated (346,197) patients.

  • 4731 Patients treated inside Iraq by the local medical staff.
  • 488 Patients have been sent to Italy in cooperation with Italian Organizations.
  • 819 Patients operated by Italian Medical Teams in Kurdistan.
  • 18888 Patients have been examined in Kurdistan by Italian Medical Teams and Local trainee Doctors.
  • 174268 Patients treated in Mobile Medical Clinic Project, by the local medical staff.
  • 59542 Number of  MedicalConsultationin Community Health Houses Project
  • 35839 Number of  MedicalConsultationin Primary health care services within Heevie static clinic in Mam Rash IDP camp Project
  • 9064 Number of  MedicalConsultationinHedhayma Primary Health Care Center in Talafar District in Ninewa Governorate
  • 18 Patients have been sent to Italian Hospital in Al Sudan in cooperation with Emergency Org.
  • 1420 Patients treated in Early Detection of Disability Project: 239 Thalassaemia patients have been examined and 1181 pregnant women’s have been screened by Ultra-Sound and blood test.
  • 88 local medical Doctors trained in Italy in cooperation with Italian Organizations.
  • 809 local medical staff and Doctors trained on the job in Kurdistan by Italian Medical Teams.
  • 344 Professional medical Italian works in Kurdistan several times.

Projects of 2006 - 2016:

  1. Treating Patients inside Iraq. 
  2. Registering and examining the Congenital Heart Diseases Children in Kurdistan Region.
  3. Treating Patients and Training the Local Medical staff in cooperation with Italian organizations.
  4. KRG Health Capacity Building. The Period of the Project: 5.1.2008 - 5.6.2009.
  5. Creation of professional medical team of Paediatric Cardiac Diseases treatment through catheterization in Duhok.The Period of the Project: 21.7.2008 -30.4.2010.
  6. Mobile Medical Clinic.
  7. Project: Community Health Houses
  8. Project: Primary health care services within Heevie static clinic in Mam Rash IDP camp
  9. Project: Supporting Hedhayma Primary Health Care Center in Telafar District in Ninewa Governorate and Preparedness  activities for running  Amalla IDPs Camp PHCC
  10. Project: Building a school for Syrian Kurdish refugees in Domiz camp –Duhok
  11. Early Detection of Disability.
  12. Project: Adoption at a Distance.


Working Partners:

Kurdistan Regional Government - Erbil
Kurdistan Regional Government / Ministry of Health - Erbil
Directorate General of Health / Duhok
Associazione Culturale Italia Kurdistan (A.C.I.K) - Italy
Associazione Iniziative di Solidarietà (SIA) - Italy
Emergency Hospitals volunteers - Italy-Tuscany
IME Foundation - Mediterranean Institute of Haematology - Italy
Med Child Institute Fondazione - Italy
Tuscany Region - Siena Municipality - Italy
American Embassy - Baghdad
Cuore Fratello Onlus - Italy
Emergency NGO - Italy
Fondazione Monastero Costafabbri - Siena - Italy
Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo A.I.C.I. ONLUS - (San Donato Hospital-Milan) - Italy
Italian Embassy - Baghdad
Italian Consulate - Erbil
Manatena Italia ONLUS

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