2- Creation of professional medical team of paediatric Cardiac Diseases treatment through catheterization in Duhok. Project Grant No.: DAIEBL0036 / Period of Grant: 21.7.2008-30.4.2010

This project started on 21.7.2008 and ended with its last mission in April 2010.

The project was performed by Heevie , Due to the large number of the children facing heart problems and who need urgent treatment and surgeries, we feel it is really very necessary to start forming professional medical team that is able to deal with the large number of congenital heart diseases patients, with the advanced & up-to-date technology.

These children who are affected by the complex anomalies & congenital anomalies have irregular school attendance, poor mental capacities & education because of their illnesses, also they have frequent hospital admissions for treatment & follow up causing big load on the local resources of the hospitals. 

This has a massive impact on the society for it economically helps families to face the severe handicap & disability of their children , on the other hand, the lack of  good health infrastructure in the region add another burden on these families.

This project funded by (RRT) U.S.A Embassy, also supported by Kurdistan's Regional Government, Ministry of Health, Directorate General of Health –Duhok Governorate, and the Italian Organizations medical team (SIA, Med Child) NGOs.


  • Train local physician and professionals team of paediatric Cardiac Diseases treatment through catheterization.
  • Providing treatment to the urgent cases patients.
  • Help building up health capacities in Kurdistan region through conducting operations and up to date skills
  • Tighten the coordination and cooperation between KRG, Ministry of Health, DGs of Health and Italian surgeons and physicians.
  • Positively impact the society and health facilities by holding a Catheterization lab in Duhok that can treat patient children and save money and time for patient families who used to take their kids abroad for treatment. 
  • From 2008 to 2010, Heevie performed Six Missions, each mission was held in a different time after Heevie has arranged and prepared patients and necessary logistic issues.

The total number of children have been conducted for catheterization interventions reached (129) children.

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