3- Treating Patients and Training the Local Medical staff in cooperation with Italian organizations

Heevie in cooperation with the Italian NGOs and with support of Kurdistan Regional Government, Ministry of Health kept going on with projects in 2009 to treat the patients and train the local medical staff.

In 2009 Heevie sent 33 patients to Italy in cooperation with Italian Organizations.

  • 10 patients have been sent to Al Sudan in cooperation with Emergency Org.
  • 2306 patients have been examined in Kurdistan by Italian Medical Teams and Local trainee Doctors.
  • 130 patients have been operated in Kurdistan by the Italian team.
  • 3 Trainees local medical Doctors sent to Italy or other country in cooperation with Italian Organizations.
  • 118 Local medical staff and Doctors trained on the job in Kurdistan by Italian Medical Teams.
  • 30 Professional medical Italian works in Kurdistan several times.

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