5. Project: Primary health care services within Heevie static clinic in Mam Rash IDP camp

The occupation of Sinjar district by ISIS made thousands of Yazidi families of the region to be displaced towards the safe regions in Iraqi Kurdistan; Around 1034 families (estimated 5310 population) are moved to a new camp in Shekhan district / Ninawa governorate (Mam Rash camp) for previously non-camp IDPs along Duhok districts specially those habiting the unfinished buildings, those people are in urgent and continuous need for the primary health services.

It must be pointed out that the health profile of the Iraqi population has been characterized with increased prevalence of chronic conditions (Hypertension, DM, Ischemic heart disease and cancer) and thus, increased demand over chronic medications. With reference to sphere standards, prioritization of None – Communicable Disease (NCD’s) management comes from the importance of ensuring that individuals with NCDs whom were receiving treatment before the displacement are still being granted the health access to do so and in order to avoid sudden discontinuation of treatment and vulnerability to the great risk of discontinuation of the treatment. Along those lines, patients’ referral for advanced health services within proper time frame has been regarded as an issue of particular importance.

Heevie is aiming to provide equitable access to primary health services to the people in camp through the below mentioned services:


  1. Supervision of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  2. Immunisation services specially for under 5 year old children.
  3. Better quality nutrition services.
  4. Antenatal care for pregnant ladies.
  5. Health awareness and health education of the community.
  6. Health information system strengthened and EWARN system expanded
  7. Referral system for secondary and tertiary care centers.

Heevie provide comprehensive primary health care services through well-equipped static health clinic in Mam Rash camp. The selected location of clinic emphasis on security, accountability and accessibility by target IDP’s inside the camp. The clinic functional 8 hours / 6 days /week, in addition to a (B-C) shift for following up with emergency cases, staffed with qualified staff.

The total consultationinthe Clinic of Mam Rash Campin this year is (35839) patients as shown below:


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