4- Mobile Medical Clinic

Rural areas of Kurdistan Region may have not been reached with enough health services. This is as Kurdistan had no infrastructure in any field. Heevie aimed behind this project the following objectives:

  • Providing health services to rural towns , compounds and villages
  • Reduce pressure over main public hospitals in the cities
  • Discover cases of serious diseases that some people are suffering
  • Identify the most common diseases among people
  • Provide awareness
  • Notify health authorities in the region about areas that need more health services

Heevie carried out this project in cooperation with Directorate of Health of Duhok governorate and the American Embassy in Baghdad.

The humanitarian program of Mobile Team Project started on May 2008. The contributors were Heevie , U.S. Embassy fund which helped this project by paying salaries of the medical and administrative staff, renting cars, while Heevie was responsible for organizing all the process, and the provision of medicine.

The nature of this project is receiving the patients, examining, prescribing and giving appropriate medicine and performing simple surgeries in the field and directing those who cannot be handled on the spot to the hospitals and medical centers in Duhok.

In addition, this program was not only for villages in the rural areas but also for the towns. Here, the objectives were beside what is mentioned for the villages also for general education to the children of schools who were suffering from many diseases.

The staff of this humanitarian project consists of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and administrative. While the medical services beside medicine include 3 Mobile clinical vehicles; one is for clinical dental support the other is for X-ray Mobile car and lab examination, the third for ultrasound.

The Team includes (14) doctors of different specialties available for each mission, also 3 pharmacists are included, 1 lab technician, 1 radiologist, 2 nurse, DOH Drivers, and Heevie organizational staff as well.

The projects divided into two periods in 2009 according to the funding sources:


1- First period Six Months, from January-June 2009:

From January to June 2009 this project is funded only by Heevie .

The total numbers of the villages visited by the project team were (43) villages and the number of patients is (20073).


2- Second period Five Months, from July -November 2009:

The contributors of this period are Heevie , U.S. Embassy fund.

 The total numbers of the villages visited by the project team were (50) villages and the number of patients is (18492).


Selection of photos from the villages that project had medication activities: 

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